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Rachel Wayte - Healer, Energy Practitioner & No Hands Massage Therapist

I’m Rachel and I can help you to release your emotional or physical pain, to let go of what’s weighing you down so that you can find clarity, ease and lightness in your life again. 

Let me ask you..  Do you feel stuck?  Do you know something’s holding you back?  An emotional or physical pain perhaps..? Or do you just have a sense or a feeling that something is weighing you down and you need help letting it go?   

Then let me help you find the transformation, the clarity, ease and lightness you have been looking for.

I’ve been a massage and reiki therapist for 9 years, focusing mainly as a body worker. Prior to that I performed as a trained classical singer. In 2018 I decided to develop my healing abilities to a deeper level and brought my reiki, massage and singing gifts together to create a powerful treatment.

During your treatment I tune into your body using Reiki, I work on areas that feel blocked or that are causing pain and using sound vibrations I create sounds that help break down blocks in the body to help you to release and create healing in the body.  

A course of 3 treatments over 3 - 6 weeks can have powerful effects. 

Call Rachel on 07803 031321 or e-mail on rachel@inharmonytherapies.co.uk to book a session.

Read what client's have to say 

"If you know you need some healing or you don’t know what you need but you know something isn’t quite right, I’d advise you to book in to see Rachel, you won’t be sorry. I’ve never experienced anything like it and I’m sure you’ll think the same."

As I work closely with Rachel I was aware that she was going through a transformation in the way that she was delivering her therapy, so when she asked me if I wanted to take up her introductory offer of 3 healing sessions I admit I was a little intrigued. My first reaction, however, was to refuse as I thought ‘I don’t need a massage’. You see for years Rachel has practised NO Hands massage and although she is excellent at what she does and I know because I have been to her for massages several times, ‘massage’ isn’t always something I need. Then I remembered, ‘she says it’s a healing session, not a massage’, so I thought well I don’t think I need any healing, I do a lot of work on myself using my own therapies I’m trained in, right? So eventually I said no thanks, I don’t think there’s anything I need to work on, Rachel just said okay, that’s not a problem. Over the next few nights, this is when I normally do my own healing, in bed before I go to sleep, a few themes kept popping into my mind. Feelings of heaviness, darkness and blockages in my stomach area. Now I wasn’t sure if these were, digestive, reproductive or even chakra related but I knew I felt stuck and inflexible around that area. I had tried everything to clear these feelings and I was making progress but I knew there was something still there that I needed to understand and release.

Then it occurred to me, that’s something I can ask Rachel to help me with, so the next day I booked in for 3 sessions over a period of 3 weeks.

I can honestly say that it was wonderful. Rachel makes you feel very safe and comfortable and explains what you may experience during your session, although it is difficult to know as each time is different. Rachel tunes into you and uses her own beautiful sounds and vibrations to heal you.  It was uncanny how she was able to tune into things that were currently bothering me and things from my past that she could see were linked.. Almost a month after the sessions I still feel the same, so I know that I have finally been able to clear the blockages. Where there was dark, there is now light, where there was rage there is now calm and I can say that I now completely understand myself, my current and past behaviours and my triggers and wow that is so empowering. Everything now makes perfect sense to me.